Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Stropping and Strops

I have altered my stropping material a few times over the last 10 years, from leather which comes in a variety of qualities from different animals including Kangaroo. To Nanocloth,  newspaper, denim, balsa, finishing stones and also leather and nanocloth laden with different compounds.

However, I have always come back to some plain old good quality leather, bare. It is my favourite stropping medium and I used it after every knife, it is the final process and it's purpose is to finalized the edge cleaning process, it will make the edge pop so to speak

To that end, I do have a means of getting some really nice leather strops if anyone is interested my area.
They are high quality horse and bovine leather that is treated with mink oil and mounted to maple bases. Very nice and extremely affordable.

The prices are just $30-00 to #35.00 for the personalized strops.

Let me know if you want one or more, they can fit onto stone holders.

I don't sell these for myself, I won't make a cent from them but I'll carry them for people who wish to buy one or two.

The maker is going to change where the name goes to the side, on the wood so as not to interfere with the stropping surface. 

FYI Strops like this can be used as maintenance tools as well, a lot of folks strop in between sharpening to bring the edge back. Of course these can all be loaded with stropping compounds.


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